Sunday 26th August 2018.

National Water Week Day.

Dr. Andy Fogarty.

This is Ntional Heritage Week Water Day.  The club is collaborating with Annascaul Tidy Towns to put on some special events to mark the occasion.

In the Jerome Connor Gallery at 10:30 Dr Andy Fogarty,  Athlone,  willl present an interactive lecture and field trip on river water quality. The talk is entitled  “Water life in a pristine river” begins at 10:30  It will be followed by a field trip in which participants will carry out a macro-invertebrate analysis of the river

In the afternoon events will centre around the theme of  “Springs, Wells and Pillar Fountains”   John Hanafin will lead a walking tour of Annascaul, visiting and recounting tales of old wells and springs that supplied water to the village and were often the location of gossip and controversary !  The days events conclude with a talk given by Laurence Jones at the Jerome Connor Gallery on the history of the villages’s four attractive Pillar Fountains or Water Pumps located in the village.

John Hanafin.