1. I am aware of the potential dangers involved in the hillwalking activities in which I will participate.
  2. I am further aware that Mountaineering Ireland, affiliated Annascaul Walks all subordinate bodies and officials involved in organising and permitting my participation in such activities and in establishing and enforcing safety measures, cannot ensure my safety and/or the adequacy of such measures.
  3. As such, I undertake to:
  • participate in all hillwalking and associated activities at my own sole risk and responsibility;
  • exonerate all persons and bodies involved in the organisation and sponsorship of hillwalking under the auspices of Annascaul Walks and affiliated Unions from, and indemnify them against, any loss or damage which I or any others, including my dependants may suffer as a result of any injury or death resulting from any act or omission on the part of such body or person, whether due to negligence (including gross negligence) or otherwise;
  • comply with all safety and other directives on the day
  1. I confirm acceptance that this is an endurance walk and that:
  • I have appropriate footwear, with ankle support.
  • I have appropriate food and drink for the duration of the walk and to support any emergencies
  • I do not suffer from any health condition that would restrict me from completing this walk
  • I have, or a member of my party, has the necessary navigation tools and skills to navigate in the event of poor visibility.