4th June 2017.                   

                        “A”  walk;

Lough Barfinnihy to Knocklomena. (The map below is clickable to resize.)


Meeting Point 1;      Hanafin’s bar Annascaul at 10:00

Meeting Point 2;     Molly Darcy’s,  Muckross, Killarney at 10:45

Area;                        Molls Gap / Sneem road.

Starting Point;         Lough Barfinnihy,  one mile past Molls Gap on the Sneem road.

Finishing Point;    St Mary by the Wayside church just off the

Sneem road grid ref;  V 793  729

Length;      7.8 miles,  12.5 KM.

Maximum Elevation;        2103 ft,  641 M  (Knocklomena).

Grade;          Hard.

Terrain;     Open mountainside with a steep rocky descent from Knocklomena.

Leader.        Mary Ward.

Leaving Annascaul at 10:00 we drive to Killarney and out the Molls Gap road.  We rendezvous with more members at Molly Darcy’s before driving to Molls Gap. We then take the Sneem road.  Our starting point is just a mile or more down the road at Lough Barfinnihy but we first have to leave cars for the return journey. Consequently we will drive about six or seven miles down the Sneem road to the junction for Lough Brin.  Here we turn LEFT and park our cars near St Mary by the Wayside church.  Having driven back to Lough Barfinnihy we set out along a faint path on the North side of the lake. We ascend the shoulder of Boughil Mountain.  There are four main mountains on our track in a generally Western direction.  They are all around the 2000  / 2100 foot mark. The walk is straight forward  except that there is a long descent and ascent between peak no 3 and Knocklomena. There is also a long steep rocky descent from Knocklomena to the Sneem road.

This walk gives wonderful views of the Killarney and Kenmare Bay areas and is certinally worth the effort.

                “B”  walk;    

Lough Barfinnihy to Boughil Mountain.

This walk is identical to the  “A”  walk but we just go to the top of the first mountain, Boughil and back.

Starting and finishing point;   Lough Barfinnihy.

Length;           4 miles,  6 KM

Time;               4 hours.

Maximum Elevation;        2070 ft,  631 M.

Grade;          Hard.

Terrain;        Faint path, open mountainside.

Leader;               William Glasgow Howe.

We leave Hanafin’s bar Annascaul at 10:00 with the “A”  walkers and drive via Killarney and Molly Darcy’s to Lough Barfinnihy.  This beautiful relaxing walk gives views of the Killarney Valley from a new perspective and is one of the nicest upland paths in the Molls Gap area.  We will take our time ascending the mountain. It may be a little steep but we will be starting from a height of 800 feet so it is not really all that high a climb.  Having rested on the summit and admired the views,  if the weather is very good we may venture as far as the second mountain which is not too far away. After that we will descend again to our cars at Lough Barfiinihy.