Members Walks.  9th August 2020.

The Three Sisters.

Area;   Bal;lyferriter.

Starting and finishing point;  Fort del Oro (Dun an Oir).

Distance “A”  walk;     11.2 miles,  18 KM.

Distance “B”   walk;    4.5 miles,  7.7 KM.

Maximum Elevation “A”  walk;     676 ft,  206 M.

Maximum Elevation  “B”  walk;   500 ft,  153 M.

Time;       4 hours or less.

Grade;    Moderate, but beware of the cliff on the North West,   some heather and .               gorse.

Terrain;   Grassy path,  cliff path.

Leaders,   Seamus  Marie and Wade.

We meet at Hanafin’s bar Annascaul at 10:00  and drive to Dingle and on to Ballyferriter and then to Fort del Oro or Dun an Oir.

We all start and finish here.  The “A”  walkers will walk up to the most Easterly sister “Diarmada” and turn South West and continue along all of the sisters and walk as far as the highest point,  the Napoleonic tower on Sybil Head.  They will return from there the same path by which they came.

The “B”  walkers will climb up to “Diarmada” and continue to all the Three Sisters before returning back to Fort eel Oro,