Covid Guidelines

This advice is for all hill walkers and climbers. Its purpose is to highlight the additional considerations that we should be aware of due to COVID-19.

Although most restrictions have eased, this advice continues to build on good practice which is commonplace among responsible hill walkers and climbers; checking weather forecasts, checking access arrangements, selecting routes that are appropriate for fitness, skill and experience, environmental awareness etc.

The outdoors provide a much lower risk environment for the transmission of COVID-19. That said, please stay vigilant, follow public health advice, and do all you can to reduce the spread of the virus.


  • Car-parking spaces will be in high demand – consider alternative less popular areas for parking.
  • When parking, be considerate of other road users.
  • Do not block access for residents, emergency services or farmers who may need to enter fields or farmyards.

Choosing Locations

  • Consider how popular the location is and whether there is an alternative venue?
  • As people who know the mountains, choose less popular venues, which should be less busy.
  • Large clubs with multiple groups should use different locations and routes.

Landowners and Rural Communities

  • Please be especially mindful and respectful of the landowners and local communities in the places where you walk and climb.
  • People living in rural areas may be nervous to see groups of people coming into the area.
  • Consider too that upland areas have a higher proportion of older residents.


  • Include face masks and additional gloves in your first-aid kit.
  • Carry hand sanitizer or some means of washing your hands.