Members Walks 2024.

Walks organised by the club generally cover the Dingle Peninsula and Killarney area. When we plan a walk, options are generally available for a challenging (A) route and a moderate (B) route, we sometimes run C walks which are an easier option. A summary of walks planned for the forthcoming period are shown in page Members Forthcoming Walks, and a detailed description of the next walk is given in page Members Next Walk.

Guests are welcome to participate in walks with the group and are covered under Mountaineering Ireland insurance for a maximum of 2 “taster B” walks. To facilitate the administration of this visitors must contact the club by email giving minimum 24 hours’ notice before they come to do a walk. A register of guests will be maintained by the club, and all visitors will be asked to sign an Indemnity Form. Other than Mountaineering Ireland members, all non-members and visitors will be asked to do the B walk, and only walkers who are properly equipped will be allowed to take part in the walk. Please leave your pets at home, dogs are not allowed on any walk.
21st July 2024;        Seaweed foraging with Andy Fogarty.

28th July 2024.

“A”  walk;    Loch Adoon,  K2, and Lough Cam Callain.

“B”  walk;      Lough Adoon.

4tth August 2024.

Connor Pass to Dingle Fire Station.

11th August 2024.

“A” and  “B”  Maharees.

18th August 2024.

Mount Eagle.



Mountaineering Ireland recognises that hill walking, climbing and rambling are activities with a danger of personal injury or death.

Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their actions and involvement.