Members Next Walk

25th September  2022.

“A”  walk;  Coomasaharn Lake Horseshoe.

Meeting point 1.   Annascaul at  08:15

Meeting Point 2.  The Fishery Killorglin at 09:00

Meeting Point 3.  Starting point of walk  at 09:30   Grid ref.   V 6369   8521

Area;  Glenbiegh / Mountain Stage.

Starting and finishing  point;    Grassy area in front of ruined cottage.

Length;         9.5 Miles,  15 KM.

Maximum elevation;       2530 ft,   772 M.

Grade;           Hard and long.

Time;      5 hours.

Terrain;      Rough track, open mountainsede,   steep narrow descent.

We meet in Annascaul at 08:15 and drive to The Fishery Killorglin where we meet our walking friends from that area.  We drive through Glenbeigh and take a left at the double bend over the bridge  beside the school approximately 3.4 miles down the N70 at grid ref  V 6306  8897.     We follow this narrow lane to our parking spot V 6369   8521

We start by walking back a short distance along the road by which we came. Then we cross a gare / fence and follow a boggy path to  Coomnagrossaun Lake.  Then we circuit the East side of the lake climbing upwards to Knocknaman.  Onwards to Meenteog then Westwards along the horseshoe to Coomacarrea our hghest point.  We then head North West to Teermoyle and then circling round to the North East and descending the sharp narrow arete back down to our parked cars.


“B”  walk;   Coomnagrossaun Lake and Coomeeneragh Lake.

Meeting Point 1.   Annascaul at 08:15

Meeting Point 2.     The Fishery Killorglin at  09:00

Meeting Point 3.  Parking space in front of old cottage  V 6369  8521

Area;   Glenbeigh / Mountain Stage..

Starting and finishing point;   The old cottage  V 6369  8521.

Maximum Elevation;     1350 ft,  411 M.

Length;        5.5 Miles,  9 KM.

Grade;      Moderate.

Time;      4 hours.

Terrain;     Mountain path, open mountainside.

We leave Annascaul at 08:15 and drive to The Fishery Killorglin arriving at 09:00  where we meet the rest of our members.

Then we drive the Ring of Kerry road with our “A” walkers turning off at the bridge before the school and taking the narrow road to our parking space in front of the ruined cottage

Grid ref.   V 6369   8521

We walk with the “A”  wakers up the road to the gate on to the boggy track leading to Coomnagrossaun Lake.  Then we proceed a little farther up past Coomnagrossaun Lake to a great vantage point looking down into Coomeeneragh Lake.  We can rest here, enjoy our lunch befrre returning the same way to our cars.



Mountaineering Ireland recognises that hill walking, climbing and rambling are activities with a danger of personal injury or death.

Participents in these activities ahould be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their actions and involvement.