Members Next Walk.

  Sunday 5th February 2023.

  “A” walk.   Annascaul,  Breccana, Inch and back.

  Area.                  Annascau.

Meeting point.              Annascaul at 10:00

Starting and finishing point;      Annascaul.

Length  “A”  walk;            8.9 miles,  14 KM.

Maximum elevation;   1227 ft.   374 M.

Time “A”  walk;                4 hours.

Terrain;                            Surfaced road, open mountainside, Dingle Way.

Grade;                             Easy for  “A”  walkers.

Leaders    Marie,                         Seamus.

We leave Annascaul at 10:00 and walk up the steep tar road to Maum. Then we go off road and ascend the West slope of Breccana where we will have a rest and our lunch.   Then we will descend to Inch. Anyone who wishes can finish here. Then we all return to Annascaul via the Dingle Way.

“B”   and  “C” walks.       We follow the same path as the “A”  walkers but start at the top of Maum.

Length “B” walk             5 miles,  8 KM.

Length “C”  walk.      2.5 miles.    4 KM.

Time;           4 hours.

Maximum elevation; 1227ft.   274 M.

Grade;   After the steep grassy ascent of Breccana the rest is reasonably easy.

Terrain;   Grassy slope, open mountainside, Dingle Way.

The “C”  walkers can finish at Inch.

Leaders.    Inez.                            Pierre.




Mountaineering Ireland recognizes that hill walking, climbing and rambling are activities with a danger of personal injury or death.

Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their actions and involvement.