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16th May 2021.

“A”  walk;   Annascaul Lake to Windy Gap and back.

Area;   Annascaul.

Meeting Point;        Annascaul Lake at 10:30

Starting and finishing  point;  Annascaul Lake.

Length;  6 miles, 10KM.

Maximum Elevation;   1526 ft,  465 M.

Grade;   Moderate.

Terrain;   Stony path boggy mountain moors.

Time;     3 hours.


Leaving  Annascaul Lake we follow the zig zag path northwards for a short while. Then we swing Westwards and head along the gently rising moor towards the Windy Gap.  The path becomes steeper as we aproach the Windy Gap.  Our return will hug the mountain ridge Eastwards and we may visit the hidden lake called Martha’s Haggart before descending again to the zig zag track leading to Annascaul Lake.

“B”  walk;

Annascaul Lake to Wolf’s crossing and back.


Meeting Point;   Annascaul Lake at 10:30

Starting and Finishing Point;    Annasscaul Lake.

Grade;    Moderate but steep drop beside path i one section.

Terrain;  Stony wet boggy path,  boggy area on top.

Length;   7 miles,  11 KM.

Maximum Elevation;      1200 feet,  366 M.

Time   3hours 30 minutes.


Leaving Annascaul Lake we head Northwards along the stony path which leads up into the mountains and to Maghanabo.  We folloow ths path all the way over very wet boggy sections to the level plateau and onwards to the descent to the Wolf’s Crossing.  We must be careful here because there is a sheer drop on one side of the path above the Wolf’s Crossing.

Our return is back alont the track the way we came.