Members Next Walk.

  2nd April 2023.

“A” walk.

  Purple Mountain.

Area.                                                      Killarney.

Meeting point 1.                                  Annascaul at 09:15

Meeting point 2.                                 Kate Kearney’s Cottage at   10:00

Starting and finishing point;            KateKearney’s Cottage

Length;                                               8 miles.  13 KM.

Maximum elevation;                       2730 ft.   832 M.

Time ;                                                4 hours approx.

Terrain;                                             Surfaced track,  open mountainside.

Grade;                                             Moderate for fit  “A”  walkers.  Hard for normal walkers.

We leave Annascaul at 09:00 and drive to Kate Kearney’s Cottage.   We will begin here and initially walk up the steep slope to Tomies Mountain.  We proceed in a gererally Southerly direction, passing Shehy and arriving at Purple Mountain.  This is wonderful vantage point for all of Killarney.  We then descend from purple Mountain to Glas Lake and then to the Head of the Gap.  Then we walk the tarred minor road backto Kate Kearney’s Cottage.

“B”  and “C”  walks.

Strickeen.  Gap of Dunloe.

Area;                                                            Killarney.

Starting and finishing  point;                  Kate Kearney’s Cottage.

Length;                                                      4.25 miles,  6.8 KM.

Length “C”  walk;                                    4.25 miles,   6.8 KM.   (“A”  walkers take a shortcut coming down).

Maximum Elevation;                             1440 ft,  440 M.

Maximum Elevation “C” walk;            1280 ft,   390 M.

Grade;                                                     Moderate.

Terrain;                                                   Surfaced road,  stony track, open mountainside.

We leave Annascaul at 09:15 with the “A”  walkers and drive to Kate Kearney’s Cottage.

Beginning here we walk for half a mile up the Gap Road until reaching the stony path on the right or West.  We follow this zig zag path until we arrive at the level boggy area at an elevation of   1280 ft,  390 M.   This is where the “C”  walkers will turn back.  The “B”  walkers will continue a short distance Northwards to the top of Strickeen and have a well earned rest.  The descent for the “B”  walkers is Eastwards straight down to join the zig zag path back to the Gap Road and on to Kate Kearney’s Cottage.





Mountaineering Ireland recognizes that hill walking, climbing and rambling are activities with a danger of personal injury or death.

Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their actions and involvement.