Members Next Walk.

1st October 2023.

A”  walk;    Faha to Wishing Rock below Brandon.

Return via Jurassic Park.

UPDATE. in case of bad weather on Saturday.

If the weather on Saturday is very wet, our proposed trek through Jurassic Park on Sunday may be too slippery.

We all will meet in Cloghane at the church at 10:35 approx and made a decision then.


Area;                                                  Cloghane.

Meeting point;                                  Annascaul at 10:00

Meeting point 2;                              Cloghane at 10:35

Starting and finishing point;           Faha.

Length;                                             6 miles,  10 KM,

Maximum elevation;                       2140 ft,  652 M.

Grade;                                               Tough.

Time;                                                4 hours.

Terrain;                                           Mountain path, stony mountainside.

We meet in Annascaul at 10:00 and drive to Cloghane.  We pool cars and then drive to Faha.

Starting from here we follow the well known path towards Brandon.  After entering the valley with the paternoster lakes we will go as far as the wishing stone beside the stream.  We turn around and enter the area known as Jurassic Park.  Proceeding onwards we will complete a loop around this area and return again to Faha.

“B”  walk;   Teer to Crash site of aircraft below Brandon.


Area;                                             Cloghane.

Meeting Point;                           Annascaul at 10:00

Meeting point 2;                       Cloghane church at 10:35

Length;                                       5.1 miles,  8.2 KM.

Maximum elevation;                1734 ft, 376 M.

Grade;                                       Moderate.

Terrain;                                     Bog track, boggy wet area.

Time;                                        4 hours.

We drive to Cloghane and on to Teer.

We then walk the familiar bog road towards Araglen and Sauce.  Before Araglen we turn left or South West off the road and cross a wet boggy area, criss crossed with streams.  When our path begins to rise we will arrive at the first crash site.   This is the R.A.F.  Sunderland which came donwn in 1943.   Depending on conditions we may proceed further.  There are two more crash sites very close this one.   We then return to Teer.


Mountaineering Ireland participation statement.

Mountaineering Ireland recognises that Hill walking and rambling are an activitity with a danger of personal injury or death.

Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their actions and involvement.