Training Opportunities

Mountain Skills Certification

Members are encouraged to take part in courses to extend their hillwalking skills. A typical one day course covers a day out on the hills learning about contours, pacing and timing distances, and getting to grips with  understanding what the map is showing us and how landscape features are represented:

  • Maps, scales, grid system & grid references
  • Concept of the three D’s – Direction, Distance and Detail
  • The Compass, different types, advantages and disadvantages, measuring and taking bearings, allowing for magnetic variation
  • Techniques for following bearings in bad visibility, back bearings
  • Pacing distances and timing distances, all measuring and calculations
  • Understanding Contours – the shape of the land – and interpreting map features

Course attendees are expected to pay the course fee in advance, and 75% will be refunded on successful completion.

First Aid Certification

First Aid courses are also otganised that cover the types of emergency care that walkers might encounter while hill walking.

Guide to using Viewranger

GPX files are made available for the walks that are undertaken on Sundays. These GPX files can be uploaded into Viewranger. A guide to using Viewranger created by one of our members is available for download.