Walk Difficulty Ratings and Equipment

Club Walk Difficulty Ratings

  • C. Easy Walks: Suitable for most people including children.
  • B. Moderate Walks: Suitable for people of a reasonable fitness, suitable for older children with experience of hill walking.
  • A. Difficult Walks: Suitable for people who are experienced walkers and a good fitness level, who are accustomed to climbing and walking on uneven terrain. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.


Clothing and Footwear

Wear the right gear to make walking enjoyable and safe.

  • Always bring a waterproof jacket
  • Wear walking boots or shoes suitable for use on rough ground
  • Bring plenty of food and liquids
  • Additional items you might need for walking in the hills:
    • Map and compass, with the ability to use them
    • Warm clothing, plus a hat and gloves are essential all year round
    • A sun hat to protect you from strong sun
    • Waterproof overtrousers, a torch, whistle, personal first aid kit, survival bag and high energy food are also important
    • Hill walkers find walking poles useful, especially when descending hills
    • NB. Jeans are not usually good walking gear. They are heavy, become even heavier when wet, and become uncomfortable. For easy walks sports trouser or light walking trousers are best